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Kuehnert Dairy Farm 4 Generations Picture:

Names from left to right back row: Stan, Carol, Cindy, Al, Sarah, Nathan with Allie and Bryar. Front row: Andrew and Brittany with Kennedy, Delores and Melvin

Kuehnert Dairy Farm is the home of K-Hurst Holsteins.

Located just a stone’s throw from the city limits of Fort Wayne. This 6th generation dairy, established in the 1890’s, has always striven for a balance of type, production and longevity.

Currently, we have four generations working on the farm on a daily basis.  Brothers, Alan and Stan, along with Alan’s wife Cindy, their two sons Nathan (wife Sarah, children Allie and Bryar) and Andrew (wife Brittany, daughter Kennedy) are partners in this 360 cow registered Holstein herd.  In 2003, a 4 row freestall barn was completed.  All aspects of the barn were designed with maximum cow comfort in mind- rubber flooring, sand bedding, HVLS fans, temperature controlled sprinkler system, and long day lightening. In 2010, the Semex Ai24 heat detection system was installed to maximize reproductive efficiency.  In the fall of 2014, the decision was made to install 4 Lely A4 milking robots, along with 4 Lely cow brushes and a Lely Juno robotic feed pusher.

Current herd statistics: 245 adult cows on Robots averaging 98 pounds of milk with a 3.92% butterfat and 3.01% protein.

Kuehnert Dairy has always strived to breed strong, profitable, long lasting, highly productive cows.  The AI and embryo transfer programs are intensively managed by using the top Proven and Genomic young sires of the breed.  The Kuehnert’s are very proud and humble with how their top cows have performed in the freestall barn and in the show ring, however, are most proud when the cows can equally perform great in someone else’s barn.

Along with producing top quality milk and genetics, the Kuehnert’s have been very active with milk promotion by hosting many groups and farm tours as well as having neighbor appreciation breakfasts at the farm.  In 2013, they opened their farm up to the public by hosting a 6-week Kuehnert Dairy Farm Fall Festival, giving the general public an opportunity to experience the daily operations of a working dairy farm as well as providing a variety of fall entertainment for all ages to enjoy.


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